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About Astrology

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.

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Astrology - a fair assessment

The positions and movements of celestial bodies are used as a way to decipher information about human lives and issues and about terrestrial events and this study is what we fondly call Astrology. The origins of Astrology are not exactly known but it started getting popular and an established science towards 2nd Millennium BC. Celestial cycles are used as a sign of divine intervention in our lives, past, present and future, including our health, relationships, stability of career and growth beyond explaining various aspects of our personality. While Western academics in many ways has tried over time to push down this concept, the belief in people of Astrology has always remained due to accurateness of details deciphered using this study. Polls studies show over 25% native populace in Americas, Britain and Canada have strong beliefs in this study, the number is way higher in Asians, especially Indian whose ancestors have been indulged in Astrology more deeply compared to the western world! No wonder Astrology and India have deeper bonds and many a decisions by individuals and businesses are based on Astrology.Pandit Naresh Ji Shandeley is the best astrologer in india online and provide accurate online astrology prediction.

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As a 4th Generation pandit, I bring in the experience and the knowledge to help the society in ways more than one. I am a family Pandit to hundreds, and more importantly thanked by thousands each year.

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Birth Journal

Based on the birth location, date and time, get an accurate analysis.

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The horoscope reveals intricacies in various affairs of a person's life.

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Control disappointing situations in life and reach positive solutions.

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Metaphysical symbolism, healing properties, powers, & spiritual meaning.

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Use lines on palm to interpret a person's character or predicting future.

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Vedic Astrology

Use celestial positions to decipher issues and solutions to various affairs.

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Daily Routines and Online Astrology Prediction

Based on Vedic Astrology and Vastu, we decipher the situations, past, present and future to analyse and provide solutions for various affairs including your home, love, career, finance, success, education, health and business.

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The correlation and positioning of the five core elements of Earth including Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Ether in our surroundings are aptly named Vastu and is core to the idea of maintaining equilibrium and guiding, influencing and affecting lifestyles of all living beings on Earth.

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Birth journal (Janam kundli Online)

Meet Our Vastu Expert

Your planetary positions at the time and place of birth can often decide your future. Well, you cannot control that, but can you better the course of your life. Let us create your Janam Kundli and provide an accurate analysis of your challenges and advantages through various phases of life.

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What is Daily Planetary

Each day is different. What does that day hold for you in terms of love, relationships, finance, business, starting something new, follow-ups, health, education or your daily affairs? Learn what the day's planetary alignment means for you with the daily Planetary Overview provided by Pandit Naresh Ji Shandeley.

Because each person is unique, this prediction may differ slightly and an accurate individual analysis provides deeper insights. Reach us for your daily planetary overview now!

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