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than Geography.

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What actually is Vastu?

The interplay of the five core elements of Earth including Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Ether is named Vastu and this practise is core to the idea of maintaining equilibrium as these elements play a major role in guiding, influencing and affecting lifestyles of all living beings on Earth. This includes our actions, luck, behaviour and other affairs of life, all being affected. Vastu works on the clarification and cleansing on your surrounding environment and ambience, thus influencing your life in ways more than one.

A good Vastu can lead to success in various facets of our lives including peace, success, growth, heath, education and relationships.Pandit Naresh Ji Shandeley is the best vastu expert in india. Vastu expert consultant helps you regarding vastu problem .We help you regarding vastu consultant for office and home.

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Our Vastu Expert encompass a range of solutions

  • Vastu advice for the selection of the plot
  • Vastu advice for the construction detail
  • Vastu advice for the renovation of the building
  • Residential Vastu
  • Vastu services through plan of the area
  • Interior designing by Vastu Shastra
  • Commercial Vastu
  • Spiritual Vastu
  • Vastu Dosh and remedies
  • Vastu for multistorey buildings
  • Online Vastu
  • Industrial vastu
  • Vastu services through supervision
  • Vastu advice for landscaping
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